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Airport Zurich

ST-DIGITAL has installed various advertising systems for the "Digital Departure Network" at Zurich Airport.

Case Studies

Digital Signage Outdoor, Basel

Countless possible applications require variable systems. Digital signage displays with maximum individuality - as a manufacturer, ST-DIGITAL designs exactly your device.


Our POLESCREEN Smart City System combined LED-street lighting with 55 or 65-inch digital signage monitors.

Product details

Digital Signage Outdoor Totems

Communicate in a targeted and eye-catching way.

Explore areas of application

Digital signage in any weather

All for outdoors: emotionalize with interactive solutions, arouse interest, offer incentives to buy and be positively remembered.

Appealing and ready for use everywhere

The right solution for every application and every structural environment.

Your solution directly from the manufacturer


Digital Signage Systeme Indoor und Outdoor

ST-DIGITAL has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of digital displays.
We respond individually to every customer’s request with our digital signage hardware.
Our display solutions are particularly durable and reliable in permanent 24/7 use.

Product overview

Discover digital signage for your industry

Every industry has its own special requirements. For us, custom-made products are part of our daily business. Research and development are an integral part of our product management. Together, we will find a solution that is perfectly adapted to your individual requirements and industry-specific features.

Digital Signage Produkte

e.VITRUM® – The Right Solution for Every Application

Fixed to the wall or free-standing in the room, for indoor or outdoor, in any thinkable special version. With our in-house production, we are able to design according to customer-specific requirements and produce our products in a consistent design for the various applications. Panel-sizes from 21.5 to 85-inches, multi-touch controls, audio components and modern software solutions complete the extensive range.

Product overview


Current projects


Polescreen Intelligente LED-Straßenbeleuchtung
Intelligent Smart Poles in Essen
Digital Signage on the North Sea Coast
Smart-City-Systeme in Zürich (CH)
Smart-City-Systems in Zürich (CH)

Digital Signage Made in Germany

Digital Signage Hersteller

The Best Quality and Service

In addition to the uncompromising quality, which we achieve with modern production equipment and well-trained specialists, we offer our customers the highest degree of flexibility and commitment. We listen, ask questions and find innovative solutions with real added value. Additionally, we maintain deep partnerships with suppliers and trading partners and communicate constantly to improve every single day.

Our Company

eVITRUM Foto Hauptkatalog Edition 6.0

e.VITRUM® Edition 6.0

In this catalog we present our digital product range in its 6th edition. Our monitors and displays and their exciting, moving images and information that is updated in a matter of seconds targets customers in a very eye-catching way. Robust devices have been specially developed for use in the outdoor or semi-outdoor area, in display windows, in pedestrian zones and in shopping centers, which function flawlessly under challenging lighting and temperature conditions.


Katalog dynamische Fahrgastinformationssysteme

MOBILITY Edition 4.0

Exciting and moving images and information that is updated in a matter of seconds targets passengers directly and makes sure to attract maximum attention. Our monitor and display systems are robust und specially developed for use on unprotected station platforms. They function perfectly under difficult light and temperature conditions while barrier-free control elements and vandal-proof constructions as well as endless design options improve the safety and comfort.


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