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The assembly and quality inspection of our products.


Serial production with short delivery times thanks to efficient manufacturing.

Development + Technology

The office in our production for our development- and technology department.

We in Bielefeld

Administration, production and logistics center in the heart of East Westphalia.

Everyone Is Important to Us

Our employees are motivated to make the impossible possible. It is our endeavor to include all employees in decision-making processes. Decisions are made quickly and deep within our company. We see ourselves as a learning organization that is getting better every day. With the constant increase of the productivity, we retain and creature secure jobs. We are open to new ideas and change.

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We listen to our customers

Our Partners

It is our goal to inspire our customers on every day. Customers are used to us providing the most innovative solutions. Flexibility is an integral part of our company. We see the internet as an opportunity to get in touch with all customers. Our trading partners are another integral part of our value chain

Our goal is to achieve lasting and fair partnerships with our suppliers. They constantly suggest many improvements that could be made, e.g. on how we can safe even more resources. Thanks to this close relationship, we are able to reach our objective much faster and better – together!


Top Quality in All Areas

We are obsessed with the high quality and functionality of our products. We understand the valuable nature of the products we distribute. Our main focus is always on working in a customer-oriented manner to identify a technical solution for problems. We see the easy use and the low operational- and consequential- costs as a key for cost savings for our customers. Our wide range of products continue to help the renewal of our product range. We clearly lead our key markets.


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Phone: +49 521 977 04 90

You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 7:30am to 5:00pm and Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

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