Freestanding Information System in the Portrait Format

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Freestanding Information System in the Portrait Format

For applications that require a portrait format, this solution offers the choice of two monitor sizes in the portrait format. This format is particularly suitable for a barrier-free operating concept with lowerable information content and operating elements, as well as a standing leg arrangement accessible for wheelchairs.

  • Portrait format
  • Vandal-resistant construction
  • Brillant highbright monitors with brightness control
  • Barrier-free operating concept with lowerable contents and legs where wheelchair users can drive under the setup

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Geschützte Hardware durch Qualität

Quality Ensures a Long Lifespan

Our e.VITRUM® systems stand for reliability and are protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt. The robust aluminum construction made of ST-profiles and the use of components of the highest quality guarantee safety and a maximum service life.

  • Production according to DIN EN 1090
  • IP56 climate zone & IP65 housing protection certification

Weatherproof for Outdoor Use

Temperature ranges from -33 to +40 °C are easily regulated with the integrated air condition. The built-in cooling and heating system reacts to the respective outside temperature and thus keeps the inside temperature constant.

  • Integrated cooling- and heating system
  • Temperature ranges from -33 to +40 °C
  • Suitable for extreme environmental conditions
24/7 betriebssicher Einsatzbereit

Reliable 24/7 Use

Safe 24/7 use, even in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations thanks to powerful air-air cooling systems and integrated heating elements.

Intelligent Brightness Control

The screen brightness is automatically adjusted to the ambient light for better visibility and more energy efficiency.


Protected Against Vandalism

The e.VITRUM® products are very safe against vandalism in public places. Both the housing and the glass surface are sturdy and difficult to destroy.

  • Housing construction with certified shock resistance – 2 × IK10
  • High-quality, splinter-binding laminated safety glass (VSG) with a thickness of 9.14mm and an anti-glare surface
Hohe Lesbarkeit bei Sonneneinstrahlung

Easily Readable in Direct Sunlight

The monitor is easy to read even in direct sunlight and bright ambient light thanks to a brightness of up to 7000 nits and anti-glare glass with UV and IR filters.

Fire Protection Offers Safety

The miniature fire-extinguisher protects the electronic and the monitor in case a fire happens.
The extinguisher detects electrical fire and extinguishes the element without destroying the electronics automatically. Furthermore, it prevents the fire from spreading thanks to a non-conductive extinguishing liquid.
When a defined maximum temperature is reached, the fire extinguisher opens and reliable extinguishes the fire. The electrical current is interrupted so that the electric fire cannot ignite again.

  • Non-conductive and non-corrosive extinguishing agent
  • Maintenance-free
  • No health hazard for users
  • Proven to be safe
  • Protected immediately against fire
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishing process
Katalog dynamische Fahrgastinformationssysteme

MOBILITY Edition 4.0

Our monitor- and display systems attract passengers with exciting, moving images and information that is updated within seconds. Robust devices have been developed for use on the unprotected platform and function without any problems under challenging lighting and temperature conditions. Barrier-free control elements are part of our product range as well, as are highly vandal-proof constructions, variable design and accessory options for additional benefits, safety and comfort.


Technical details

One-sided models

49 PR 121
49-Inch LCD
Portrait format
1080 × 1920 Pixel
609 × 1079 mm
-33 to +40 °C
Air-to-air heat exchanger, filterless
VSG 9.14mm - anti-glare
790 × 2000 × 220 mm
55 PR 121
55-Inch LCD
Portrait format
1080 × 1920 Pixel
681 × 1210 mm
-33 to +40 °C
Air-to-air heat exchanger, filterless
VSG 9.14mm - anti-glare
861 × 2000 × 220 mm