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Indoor Monitor in the Landscape Format

Digital advertising can also be entertaining and send the viewer on a journey through our world. The technological possibilities are becoming more and more efficient. A guidance system guides us through shopping malls or the latest products are visualized and information is retrieved via touch systems. The indoor products are manufactured from a portfolio of high-quality aluminum profile systems that allow all kinds of individual requests.

An invisible locking system and concealed hinges round off the high quality. In combination with the touch operation, the totem is ideal as a wayfinding system, e.g. in the entrance of shopping malls, sports arenas or amusements parks to inform customers and direct visitor flows.

  • Ideal for use directly at the POI & POS
  • Touch operation possible
  • Glass-front made of ceramic

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Fire Protection Offers Safety

The miniature fire-extinguisher protects the electronic and the monitor in case a fire happens.
The extinguisher detects electrical fire and extinguishes the element without destroying the electronics automatically. Furthermore, it prevents the fire from spreading thanks to a non-conductive extinguishing liquid.
When a defined maximum temperature is reached, the fire extinguisher opens and reliable extinguishes the fire. The electrical current is interrupted so that the electric fire cannot ignite again.

  • Non-conductive and non-corrosive extinguishing agent
  • Maintenance-free
  • No health hazard for users
  • Proven to be safe
  • Protected immediately against fire
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishing process

Technical details

One-sided models

55 L 211
55-Inch LCD
Landscape format
3840 × 2160 Pixel
1210 × 681 mm
700, 2500
0 to +40 °C
ESG 6 mm - Optiwhite
1390 × 1990 mm