Monitor Combination with Backlit Poster Advertising

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Dynamically Updateable Timetables

Our new waiting hall information system offers an innovative combination of digital display technology and classic timetable notices. The 21.5-inch monitor shows dynamically updateable timetable information. A timetable notice and another area provide additional space for static information and can optionally be backlit as well.


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Katalog dynamische Fahrgastinformationssysteme

MOBILITY Edition 4.0

Our monitor- and display systems attract passengers with exciting, moving images and information that is updated within seconds. Robust devices have been developed for use on the unprotected platform and function without any problems under challenging lighting and temperature conditions. Barrier-free control elements are part of our product range as well, as are highly vandal-proof constructions, variable design and accessory options for additional benefits, safety and comfort.


Technical details

One-sided models

21 LR 101
21.5-Inch LCD
Waiting hall
Landscape format
1920 × 1080 Pixel
476 × 268 mm
-33 to +40 °C
Cooling system, filterless
VSG 7mm – anti-glare
1350 × 1022 × 53 mm